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Welcome to Artbau Creative Clubhouse.Nestled on the idyllic Northern Beaches of Sydney, embrace your creativity with our art workshops, exhibitions, and events. Celebrate the joy of art in a friendly and welcoming community.



Maggie Hensel -Brown | "Thread Through"


“Thread Through” is an exhibition and live demonstration, delving into the meditative process of needle lace making.


Needle lace is a painstaking, detailed and fine medium which has historically been used to tell stories. Using a balance of positive and negative space and a variety of patterns, lace can create beautiful, readable imagery.


Historically, lace pieces would tell grand stories, biblical tales or royal lore. Maggie Hensel-Brown uses the medium to tell more intimate, personal stories of contemporary life. 


As part of this exhibition, Maggie will be present in the gallery for one week, working on a small piece that tells a contemporary story. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to watch the slow, meditative process of stitching. The progress will also be live-streamed, able to be viewed from anywhere. 

Stay in touch for more information about this event.

Coming Soon to Artbau.


Mosman Art Prize

Frankie Morgan's painting "Self-portrait with Ladder" hanging in the Finalist Exhibition at Mosman Art Gallery 2022.


David Stuart

"Frankie chose a gorgeous Dusky Rose ACRYLMERIC Weathertuff exterior membrame to paint the outside of her new exhibition  space which came up beautifully."


Michael Regan

“the council's investment in Brookvale is paying off with people like Frankie committing to the area.”

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