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The Listening Station is an intimate monthly Book Club, featuring Author conversations and lively community discussion about contemporary novels. Hosted at Artbau, a local art gallery, a venue that is literally made for "creating Art" the Listening Station connects book lovers, readers and authors in a really special way.


Art Bau is proud to connect book lovers, readers and authors in our art studio.

Next Meeting
6.45 pm Wednesday October 11th.

Join the conversation about creativity in an art gallery - Frankie Morgan chats to Maggie Hensel-Brown about her contemporary lace practice Wednesday 11th October.


Our Story

The Listening Station is the brainchild of northern beaches locals- author Karina May, and artist and Art Bau gallery owner Frankie Morgan.

Karina and Frankie first bonded over their love of books and the creative arts, and wanted to find a way to scale their own local book club so more people could experience the SUBLIME MAGIC- enter 'The Listening Station'

Listen up, anarchists there's a new kind of bookclub in town! the name was an obvious choice with Frankie and Karina both having 'lived' in berlin (Frankie for 7 years and Karina for 7 weeks;)). They agreed that the abandoned cold war spy station perfectly encapsulated the unique energy and enthusiasm for the arts they wanted to bring to the beaches.

Brought to you from an up-and-coming arts district, the Listening station shakes up the standard book club formula through robust discussion and by unearthing never-before-heard insights in the lively author conversations.

xx Frankie and Karina

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