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The Art Tarot Exhibition

Northern Beaches Council Creative Open


Creative Open celebrates the Northern Beaches bourgeoning contemporary art scene. Throwing open the doors to the Beaches’ many studios, venues, and creative spaces, the program draws artists and audiences from across Sydney together to create, explore and connect. As part of the Northern Beaches Council Creative Open Frankie is holding Art Tarot readings at ArtBau. 

Art Tarot encourages people to stay on track. Art nourishes, and it is my belief that the impulse to make and build is an ancient part of us. Using our creativity to make something connects our hands to our heart and feels great. However, it is easily neglected, or projects delayed, because of internal blocks to creative self-expression. 

Frankie Morgan has used the tarot as part of her artistic process for twenty years. Currently she is painting the 78 archetypes and archetypal journeys of the Tarot. View Art Tarot the exhibition below before booking an insightful 30-minute tarot reading with Frankie to connect with your creativity and delve into your creative process.

WHEN - Thursday 25 July – Saturday 27 July, 10.30am – 4.00pm

WHAT - 30 minute tarot reading includes an arty activity to connect your hands with your heart.

COST -  $60


By Frankie Morgan

By Frankie Morgan

I’m painting the 78 cards of the tarot deck.  I have used tarots to navigate life and the artistic process for over twenty years. Now it has become the subject of my visual art. The Tarot is made up of archetypes and archetypal journeys recognisable to our collective unconscious. This eternal wisdom has been channelled into a pack of cards since the fifteenth century.

Eventually these painting will become a unique set of cards that will be a playful tool for anybody seeking support to use their creativity, because the cards make our internal world- visible- we can literally see the challenges and rewards throughout the creative process. 


The ArtTarot deck and the accompanying booklet will distil my experience of channeling the wisdom of the Tarot over the years.  I will offer it for sale to individuals to use at home or at work. Supporting people to actively engage with the Tarot throughout the creative process.

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