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Last Saturday of the Month Taster Workshops

Join us for our "Last Saturday of the Month Taster Workshops," a delightful opportunity to dip your toe into the realm of creativity and healing. Held on the final Saturday of each month, these workshops are designed to offer a taste of what to expect from The Artist's Way Group workshops and Jo's Herbadashery practice. Join us in a relaxed and enjoyable setting to explore plant-based healing techniques or discover your creative spark, our taster workshops welcome everyone to join and explore the wonders of creativity in a supportive and inclusive environment. Come as you are, and let your imagination take flight with us!

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23/3/24 CREATE

Magic 1,2,3:  Tap into magic: Steph Nguyen guides you through a Lotus Meditation 2. Practical magic: create flower essence bubbles at Jo's Herbadashery 3.  Ground your magic: through a Tarot reading with Frankie. $109pp. 

27/04/24 ADVENTURE

Clear the path to adventure. Guided meditation, Tarot, Flower essences.


Bounty from the shadow and clearing a space to create from. 

20/01/24   COURAGE

Step into your strength: Guided meditation- Flower essences- Tarot

24/02/24 PLAY

Play - Bookings open

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