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The Artist Way Workshop Series

Art classes inspired by the 12 chapters of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Expand your creative self with poetry, painting, sculpture & drawing! Next course begins January 2025!


Class Outline

All art materials provided but it would be handy if you had your copy of the book, The Artist’s Way.

January-March 2024 July- October - Bookings closed for this round, but please let us know if you would like to be put on the waitlist for the next series.

Week 1

Connecting your emotional centre with your pen.

Listening to and writing poetry.

Week 2

Connecting Heart with a pencil

Learning to hold a pencil, printmaking

Week 3

Connecting to a paintbrush

Painting negative space: Ink and white paint

Week 4

Ripping paper and glue 1
Papier Mache sculpture

Week 5

Ripping paper and glue 2
Papier Mache sculpture

Week 6

Alchemy: make plaster

Plaster sculpture

Week 7

Scissors: drawing
Newsprint cut outs

Week 8

Colour and water
Draw with water-colour pencils

Week 9

Overwhelm: how to navigate
Collage various materials

Week 10

Listen to and write poetry
Ekphrastic poetry

Week 11

Painting as a process of layers
Ink and white paint

Week 12

Practice autonomous creation of a creative project


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